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T-Rex Fight

New New for 2020 T-Rex Fight

2 player Dinosaur themed sit-down light-gun game with redemption tickets. A smaller, more compact, cabinet that the bigger T-Rex Park water-gun game. This game fits in places where the larger water-gun and ball-shooting games might not squeeze in.


With 3D animated dinosaurs to battle players of all ages aim the articulated guns at the screen with super simple 'point and shoot' game play everyone can join in the fun.


High quality build, with attractive 2 seat bench and bright LED lit cabinet, large high definition flat screen display.


2x Multi-coin mechanisms, 2x ticket dispensers, operator adjustable settings and flexible price per play. You won't need a degree in palaeontology to know it'll go down a treat with the kids.

  • £ Call for price

Tags: Redemption, Sit-Down, 2 Player, Light Gun, Shooting