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Splash War

Ball Shooter Splash War

Splash War is a 2 player sit-down video shooting game with redemption tickets suitable for all ages - little kids can stand and play and adults can sit-down so no one is left out. Unlike a standard shooting game each of the player guns shoots balls directly at the screen. 


Play through multiple levels - shoot the bad guys with the slime balls and survive long enough to battle the end of level bosses.  


Vibrant, brightly coloured cabinet design with integrated LED lighting. High quality build made from quality materials - built to last. The game features fluid 3D cartoon animation on a large High Definition display.

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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 coins. Other currencies programmable
Card SystemCard System Compatible
Width (cm)107 cm
Depth (cm)253 cm
Height (cm)227 cm
Weight (kg)260 Kg
Machine Type
ModelSit-Down Ball-Shooter Gun Cabinet
Players2 Player
RedemptionYes - Optional

Tags: Redemption, Videogames, Ball Shooter, Sit-Down, 2 Player