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Tickets & Prizes

Everything you need for operating redemption successfully. Including your own competitively priced, high quality redemption tickets, ticket counting equipment and prize centres.

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Ticket Station v2 Brand New

Ticket Station v2

Introducing the newest, next generation, Ticket Station - with all the capabilities of prior models ..

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UDC Counter Top Ticket Eater New

UDC Counter Top Ticket Eater

This counter top ticket eater is a great tool for small arcades operating with redemption tickets.&n..

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Compact Ticket Station

The Compact Ticket Station has all the clever features of the standard model and includes two 'Stati..

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Prize Station

Turning tickets into prizes is a big part of running a redemption operation. Thankfully, we've got y..

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Ticket Station (Green/White)

The Benchmark Ticket Station has been available in several colour schemes. This white cabinet with g..

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Ticket Station Doors

The standard model Benchmark Ticket Station is equipped with a single ticket reader ('door') as stan..

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Ticket Station with Video/TV

The absolute latest version of the Ticket Station redemption ticket counting machine comes that inco..

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Ticket Station (Yellow/Red)

The latest version of the successful Ticket Station redemption ticket counting machine comes in a br..

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Ticket Station (Mauve)

The mauve, often called purple, Ticket Station is the original colour scheme of the Ticket Station b..

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