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Dinosaur Era X-Treme

Brand New Dinosaur Era X-Treme
Experience X-Treme Dino action with the 4 player Dinosaur Era X-Treme edition, available with optional integrated LED seating.
Fast paced dinosaurs attack wave after wave on the giant 65" HD screen. Keep an eye out for power-up and sneak attacks as you battle your way through 6 stages - with stages 4 to 6 to be unlocked as your progress.
Suitable for players of all ages, simply point the controller and blast the dinos to earn points and win tickets.

Impressively small footprint cabinet for a 4 player game at just over 1m metre deep (without seats and well under 2m with seats). 
Adjustable difficulty seatings with mercy ticket option for winner every time if desired. Operate with or without redemption tickets as per your neededs.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemCompatible with all leading card systems
Width (cm)177 cm
Depth (cm)108 cm (without seats) 178cm with seats
Height (cm)261 cm
Weight (kg)480 Kg
Machine Type
Display Size65" HD widescreen display
ModelDeluxe Sit-down cabinet
Players4 Player
Price of PlayFlexible
RedemptionYes (optional can be operated without)
Win Every Time / Play Until WinMercy ticket option

Tags: Sit-down, Shooting, Redemption, Videogame, 4 Player, Light Gun, T-Rex, Dinosaurs, X-Treme