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Brand new ticket Redemption Games

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Silver Falls 2 Player New for 2024

Silver Falls 2 Player

Pile 'em high and then let 'em loose! Your aim is to fill the holes on the hex-grid to score poi..

Silver Falls 3 Player Brand New

Silver Falls 3 Player

Pile 'em high and then let 'em loose! Your aim is to fill the holes on the hex-grid to score poi..

Wave Riders X-Treme New New for 2024

Wave Riders X-Treme

Ride the waves on the exciting Wave-Riders X-Treme racing game. With a selection of courses and ..

Bullseye Crack Shot Deluxe New for 2024

Bullseye Crack Shot Deluxe

Fast action, fun, 2 player skill shooting video game with redemption ticket option. Large display...

Fantastic Train New for 2024

Fantastic Train

Choo-choo! Train themed skill game with redemption tickets. Pull back the handle and release..

Galaxy Rangers Deluxe Brand New

Galaxy Rangers Deluxe

Defend the galaxy from rampaging monsters in a battle between good and evil. Fight alone, or..

Legends of Spark New for 2024

Legends of Spark

2 player Kids interactive car racing video game for little kids with redemption tickets. Bas..

Parkour Motor 2 New for 2024

Parkour Motor 2

The standard model of 'Parkour Motor II', similar to the 'DX' deluxe version of this game, minus..

Parkour Motor 2 DX New for 2024

Parkour Motor 2 DX

Parkour Motor 2 DX is a thrilling racing video-game with redemption ticket (optional) with a mot..


The ultimate ball-drop game. Aim for the right colours using the joystick to move and drop b..

Shock Wave Brand New

Shock Wave

2 Player redemption game, suitable for all ages. Time the press of the button to drop balls do..

Super Drill New for 2024

Super Drill

Use the giant joystick to steer your super-drill to collect the gold and gems stones before your opp..

Surf League New New for 2024

Surf League

2 player surfing video game with optional redemption tickets. Players balance on the surf boar..

Tornado New for 2024


Kick up a storm with the Tornado closed-loop pusher redemption game. Tornado is a fast action game..

Wet N Wild Water Game New Water Game

Wet N Wild Water Game

2 player sit-down water game with interactive videogame for little kids.  Point the duck sh..