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These are games and machines that we've previously sold that are currently no longer in stock.


Some of these may have been discontinued, or are not currently available.


We keep these product details online for reference purposes, to help you find us and so that we can hopefully supply you with a newer alternative.


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Galaxy Rider Game Archive

Galaxy Rider

Take the space capsule up the space elevator to the stars on this impressive Tower Ride.Exciting ver..

Age of Dinosaur Ball Shooter

Age of Dinosaur

2 Player sit-down kids ticket redemption game, fun for the whole family.Shoot the dinosaurs ..

American Truck Game Archive

American Truck

Two seater, American Truck kiddie rides from Falgas Amusement Rides. Brightly coloured with great ar..

Basket Fortune Game Archive

Basket Fortune

Players must drop their coin into the slot with precise timing so the coin falls into one of the rot..

Battle Gear 4 Twin Game Archive

Battle Gear 4 Twin

UDC refurbished twin sit-down driving game from Taito.Featuring a huge selection of tracks and cars ..

Beat The Monsters Game Archive

Beat The Monsters

A large colourful bouncing ball drops onto and rolls down the ramps past the 'Monster Bumpers'.If a ..

Big Rig Truckin' Game Archive

Big Rig Truckin'

2 Player quick-coin ticket redemption game with trucking theme.Use skill to time the roll of your co..

Bill And Ben Kiddie Ride Game Archive

Bill And Ben Kiddie Ride

2 Seater kiddie ride featuring vintage TV characters 'Bill And Ben' from the BBC TV Series.Refurbish..

Bingo 8 Player 2p Pusher Game Archive

Bingo 8 Player 2p Pusher

Fun 2p pusher in 8 player cabinet. Win coins and tickets! Bonus redemption tickets are awarded ..

Bola Loco / Crazy Ball Game Archive

Bola Loco / Crazy Ball

Mini-sized table football game for kids. Fill up with bouncing balls and at the end of the game the..

Bowling Party

Brand new kids video bowling game with redemption tickets rewards. Players bowl real balls down the ..

Chaos Game Archive


Monster Drop has evolved to a new level of fun with CHAOS - a winner every time game.Featuring a hug..

Chicken Dash Game Archive

Chicken Dash

Quick-coin, 10p roll down game with redemption tickets.Roll the coin to the other side of the moving..

Circlerama Game Archive


Circlerama is a 4 player, Quick-Coin ticket redemption game. Players time the drop of their coins to..

Coin Depot Game Archive

Coin Depot

Quick-Coin action play. Skill Controller coin entry with built in progressive bonus feature.Features..