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Galaxy Rangers Deluxe

Brand New Galaxy Rangers Deluxe

Defend the galaxy from rampaging monsters in a battle between good and evil. Fight alone, or with a friend in this high speed action adventure video game. 


The chunky laser pistols feature excellent recoil action. Use your aim to shoot the enemies, collect bonus power-ups along the way. Press the side button on the front of the gun barrel to switch between multiple weapons with different rates of speed and damage power or to activate your person shield if you have one. 


The battle takes place on multiple planets, against insectoids, robots and other nightmare creatures - including giant bosses to take care of before finishing a level.


Futuristic styled cabinet with LED lighting and large video display.  Play for redemption tickets, or just for fun and the high-score if tickets turned off.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemCompatible
Width (cm)185 cm
Depth (cm)144 cm
Height (cm)262cm
Weight (kg)370 Kg
Machine Type
Players4 Players
RedemptionYes (optional)
Win Every Time / Play Until WinOptional Setting

Tags: Videogame, Shooting, Redemption, Action, Light Gun, 4 Player, Deluxe, DX