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Mars Sortie

4 Player Mars Sortie

Mars Sortie is a giant shooting range video game with realistic action guns, engaging enemies and lots of power-ups. Thrilling game play to keep players coming back for more. Battle the enemy in military training simulations and win Redemption Tickets.

Players pose for a photo when the game starts, perform well enough and you’ll appear on the scoreboard. Cabinet includes prize showcase for displaying items that can be exchanged for tickets. Great value, massive show piece.

Players buy bullets at the start of the game and can pickup more whilst playing, or if they run out buy more to continue. Each player has their own multi-coin mechanism and redemption ticket dispenser.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 coins. Programmable for other currencies.
Card SystemFully card system compatible
Width (cm)190 cm
Depth (cm)250 cm
Height (cm)200 cm
Machine Type
Display Size65" HD Flat Screen
Players4 Players
  • Product Code: 4 Player
  • 4 Player

Tags: Showcase, Videogame, Shooting, Redemption, 4 Player, Skill, Light Gun, Action