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Dream Ball

Dream Ball

Giant 18” trackball-controlled game for for kids and adults. Players spin/roll the trackball to move their avatar on the screen – who is pushing a giant ball ahead of them. They need to navigate the obstacles ahead to reach the end of the level.


With moving platforms, spinning turntables, giant swinging mallets that will propel the ball forwards, backwards or sideways off of the platform into the sea below. Dazzling multi-coloured cartoon style graphics.


One or two players can play at any time with a split-screen feature. Players play against the clock. With redemption ticket payout, or play just for fun.


Operator adjustable settings for ticket payout, difficulty and game length. Choose you starting level of difficulty and unlock more levels as you progress.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1, & £2 Coins (programmable for other currencies)
Card SystemCompatible
Width (cm)158 cm
Depth (cm)110 cm
Height (cm)242 cm
Weight (kg)280 Kg
Machine Type
Display Size60" HD display
Model2 Player Upright
Players2 Player
Price of PlayFlexible
RedemptionYes (optional)
Win Every Time / Play Until WinOptional Setting

Tags: Redemption, 2 Player, Video