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Real Heroes Fire Rescue

Water Game Real Heroes Fire Rescue

2 Player sit-down interactive video water shooting game with redemption ticket payout suitable for all age groups. Take on the role of a fire fighter and protect the city and surrounding areas from burning down. Help rescue victims from buildings and then catch the perpetrators! Exciting fire fighting action with educational quiz questions along the way to help inform players as to the correct actions to prevent or combat a fire.


Simply aim the swivelling water cannons at the screen to put out the fires. Collect temporary power-ups along the way to boost your water shooting power with the 'super soaker' power up to enable shooting multiple jets of water for a limited time.


Vibrant cabinet design with bright graphics and integrated LED lighting. Sturdy, high quality cabinet, built from superior materials - built to last. Great for little kids who can stand, or adults who can sit-down - so no one is left out - a game for the whole family!


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 coins. Other currencies programmable
Card SystemCard System Compatible
Width (cm)107 cm
Depth (cm)256 cm
Height (cm)228 cm
Weight (kg)260 Kg
Machine Type
ModelSit-Down Ball-Shooter Gun Cabinet
Players2 Player
RedemptionYes - Optional

Tags: Redemption, Shooting, Video Game, Water Shooting, Sit-Down, 2 Player