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Ticket Station Doors

Ticket Station Doors

The standard model Benchmark Ticket Station is equipped with a single ticket reader ('door') as standard and can be expanded to serve 2, 3 or 4 customers at once be installing these additional 'Ticket Doors'. Extra doors can be added whenever you want.


Different coloured doors and graphics are available, to suit each of the colour variant Ticket Stations available, including 'Mauve', Green & White and Yellow & Red. It is important to specify the design of your Ticket Station so that they match.

Each door is equipped with it's own computerised system, ticket sensors with dual barcode readers, scissor cutters, thermal printer along with everything required to operate an additional ticket reading station.

These doors cannot to be used to expand the Compact Ticket Station, as there is no additional room inside the cabinet. 

Cash Handling
Card SystemCompatible with all major card systems

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