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Benchmark Games

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Monster Drop X-Treme

The Monster Drop X-Treme also known as 'MDX' is a huge sight to behold at over 4 metres in height.Fe..

Power Drop X-Treme

The Power Drop X-Treme is a super tall single player version of the successful Monster Drop game, me..

Surfin Surfari

Video redemption game. Balance on the surfboard and steer with your feet to score points and..

Ticket Station v2 Brand New

Ticket Station v2

Introducing the newest, next generation, Ticket Station - with all the capabilities of prior m..

Beat The Monsters Game Archive

Beat The Monsters

A large colourful bouncing ball drops onto and rolls down the ramps past the 'Monster Bumpers'.If a ..

Big Rig Truckin' Game Archive

Big Rig Truckin'

2 Player quick-coin ticket redemption game with trucking theme.Use skill to time the roll of your co..

Chaos Game Archive


Monster Drop has evolved to a new level of fun with CHAOS - a winner every time game.Featuring a hug..

Compact Ticket Station

The Compact Ticket Station has all the clever features of the standard model and includes two 'Stati..


Popping balloons has never been more popular than when you can win tickets doing it!Watch as the bal..


Time the drop of the bouncing ball to shoot through the holes below to win tickets. There's..

Heat Wave Game Archive

Heat Wave

Win instant prizes with Heat Wave. Press the button to release bouncing balls onto the spinning play..

Magic Ball Game Archive

Magic Ball

4 player ball drop game in a compact cabinet. Players press the button to drop a ball onto the spinn..

Prize Station Game Archive

Prize Station

Turning tickets into prizes is a big part of running a redemption operation. Thankfully, we've got y..


Time it right so the ball falls through the bonus target and win extra ball drops or mountains of ti..

Slam-A-Winner X-Treme Game Archive

Slam-A-Winner X-Treme

This game is now discontinued and has been replaced with the newer models: Monster Drop X-Treme and ..