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Ticket Station v2

Brand New Ticket Station v2

Introducing the newest, next generation, Ticket Station - with all the capabilities of prior models includes lots of brand new features.

Handles redemption tickets of different lengths - for using 'half size' redemption tickets, and can be programmed to recognise multiple barcodes. Allows operators to use more than one ticket at once - even assign a different value per barcode.


Enhanced sounds: new audio prompts with munching sounds when eating tickets. Updated with attractive graphics and new header for increased visual appeal. Interior and exterior RGB LED lights with visually appealing new effects whilst being used.


Interactive learning mode for programming new tickets - teach a new ticket configuration length and barcode details quickly and easily.


Improved Security - you can program which barcodes will, or will not, be accepted. Run time limited promotions. Refuse competitor tickets.


Easily adaptable to the following uses:

  • Tickets In >> Printed receipt
  • Tickets In >> Swipe/Tap Card to collect points
  • Tickets In >> Choice of either receipt or card


Optional monitors - add 1 to 4 screens. Program an SD card with videos and display on the monitor(s) to promote birthdays, food and drink special offers, prizes, events and more.


1 ticket reader included as standard - expand to accommodate up to 4 ticket readers at any time.


Download PDF Flyer

Cash Handling
Card SystemCompatible with leading card systems
Width (cm)76 cm
Depth (cm)76 cm
Height (cm)238 cm
Weight (kg)128 Kg (1 reader, no monitor)
Machine Type
ColourMulti-Colour Design
Display SizeOptional 19" Widescreen HD (Qty 1 to 4)
ModelVersion 2
Positions1 to 4 positions (Expandable, 1 as standard)
RedemptionWorks with standard and half size redemption tickets

Tags: Ticket Handling, Ticket Station