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Pop It And Win

Pop It And Win

Popping balloons has never been more popular than when you can win tickets doing it!

Watch as the balloons inflate and grow larger and larger - right into the path of the spinning saw blades below - only to be ripped apart with a loud BANG!

Players must time their button press with the lights spinning around the skill stop wheel to pump as much air as possible into the balloon and win tickets whilst doing so.

Pop the balloon and make it explode to win the big bonus 'jackpot' of redemption tickets.

  • Multi-coin mechanism fitted as standard by UDC.
  • Operator adjustable price of play.
  • Swipe card compatible.
  • Mercy ticket option.

Another winner from Benchmark Games brought to you by UDC.

Cash Handling
Card SystemCompatible with all major card systems
Width (cm)86 cm
Depth (cm)104 cm
Height (cm)236 cm
Weight (kg)170 Kg
Machine Type
Players1, Single Player
  • £ Call for price

Tags: Balloons