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Ticket Trail

Brand New Ticket Trail

Players use the claw to grab tubes to win redemption tickets. Each tube contains an RFID chip which is read by the RFID reader when dropped into the prize chute. 


As tickets are won players progress along the Ticket Trail displayed on the rear flat screen - and depending upon where they land they can win more tickets, advance forwards towards the end of the trail for a big prize, or be knocked back to the start.


Colour changing LED lit cabinet compatible with Coast To Coast link system.


Tickets are paid directly out of the machine from a regular stack of tickets - so no need for bundles to be made or counters to be exchanged.


Compact footprint with brightly coloured design, digital sounds and attract mode. Operator adjustable settings. Equipped with multi-coin mechanism as standard by UDC. Card system compatible.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins
Card SystemCard system compatible
Width (cm)90 cm
Depth (cm)96 cm
Height (cm)194 cm
Weight (kg)180 Kg
Machine Type
ColourMulti-Colour changing LED
Display Size22 inch Flat Screen
LinkableLinkable LED 'Light Show' System
ModelSingle Player
Players1 Player
Price of PlayFlexible
Win Every Time / Play Until WinOptional Mercy Ticket

Tags: Ticket, Crane, Redemption