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Super Drop!

New for 2024 Super Drop!

Instant win prize game. Time the button press so that the drop point opens a clip for a prize and watch it fall down into the prize chute for you to win.


With additional prize display and storage space inside the cabinet. Dozens of prize clips for a huge number of prizes. Perfect for slim, light-weight prizes such as collectable cards.


Features bright vivid colour LED lighting to make a big impact in a small space. Attractively priced.


Compact footprint, operator adjustable options and flexible price per play. Card system compatible. Equipped with multi-coin mechanism as standard.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Width (cm)91 cm
Depth (cm)109 cm
Height (cm)235 cm
Weight (kg)90 Kg
Machine Type
Price of PlayFlexible
Win Every Time / Play Until WinNo

Tags: Prize, SWP, 1 Player