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Brand new ticket Redemption Games

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Slime Busters Brand New

Slime Busters

Slime Busters is a 2 player sit-down video shooting game with redemption tickets suitable for ..

Space Warp 66 Skill Game

Space Warp 66

Now with new improved cabinet design with more colourful graphics! Warp your way to the..

Space Warp 66 DX Deluxe

Space Warp 66 DX

Warp your way to the finish using the spinner to navigate as you fly through the space tunne..

Splash War Ball Shooter

Splash War

Splash War is a 2 player sit-down video shooting game with redemption tickets suitable for a..

Super Wings Brand New

Super Wings

2 player kiddie flying video game with optional redemption ticket payout. Featuring the popu..

Surfin Surfari

Video redemption game. Balance on the surfboard and steer with your feet to score points and..

T-Rex Fight

2 player Dinosaur themed sit-down light-gun game with redemption tickets. A smaller, more co..

T-Rex Park Water Game

T-Rex Park

Action packed, fun, dinosaur themed 2 player sit-down water-gun game with redemption tickets..

Ticket Trail Brand New

Ticket Trail

Players use the claw to grab tubes to win redemption tickets. Each tube contains an RFID chi..

Wild West Shootout Hit Game!

Wild West Shootout

Brand new 2 Player ‘Wild West‘ cowboy themed shooting video game with two ‘six shooter’ guns w..

Zombie Crisis

There's a crisis brewing - involving zombies and only you can help save the world - yes! It'..

Zombie Splash DX New for 2024

Zombie Splash DX

Point and shoot to prevent the zombies infecting you and your fellow players. Play alone or ..

Adder's & Ladder's 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

2 Player, 2p roll-down game with light up 'back board' trail light up features. Activate the dice ..

Cops And Robbers 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

Quick-Coin ticket redemption game with exciting bonus features. Activate the dice to move ar..