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UDC Stock Redemption Tickets

UDC Stock Redemption Tickets

Boxes of standard 'stock' tickets for use by redemption operators who don't have their own bespoke branded tickets.

UDC 'stock' redemption tickets are printed on the same high quality paper and to the exact same quality specification as our bespoke tickets. 

Sold in boxes of 150,000 tickets. Tickets come with printed barcode which can be used, or ignored if required.

These tickets will not be unique to your arcade or centre. In order to maximise the impact of your tickets we recommend that operators have their own bespoke tickets printed.

Stock tickets are useful to get you out of a bind when you run out of tickets, or if your operation is brand new and you've not sorted out a custom ticket yet, or if the operation is simply too small to warrant the expense at this time.

Minimum order quantity may apply. 

Contact tickets@udc.co.uk with your requirements.

Weight (kg)Box of 150,000 tickets approximately 30 Kg.
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