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Gear Up

Gear Up

Sit-down driving video game with redemption ticket payout, designed for children - playable by all ages. Skilfully drive along and collect the coins to increase your score. Try to score extra fuel to keep you in the game, when your fuel runs out the game is over. The better your score the more redemption tickets you can win.


Simple, immediate gameplay via steering wheel - no need to use pedals or change gears. Attractive cabinet features 2 portrait mode flat screen monitors with fast, smooth 3D graphics and crisp digital sound and music. Adjustable seat to move closer to or further from steering wheel.

Compact footprint. Priced to sell. Twin multi-coin mechanisms as standard from UDC.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemCompatible with all leading card systems
Width (cm)136 cm
Depth (cm)151 cm
Height (cm)201 cm
Weight (kg)130 Kg
Machine Type
Display Size2x 32inch HD displays
ModelSit-Down Twin
Players2 Players
  • Product Code: Twin Sit-Down
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Tags: Driving, Twin, Redemption