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Adder's & Ladder's 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

Adder's & Ladder's 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

2 Player, 2p roll-down game with light up 'back board' trail light up features. Activate the dice by rolling a 2p coin through the slot at the far side of the moving belt by using timing and skill.

As the dice roll the player moves up - or down - the board winning bonus tickets as they go.

Win tickets for shooting coins through the right slots and for missing the moving obstacles and making it to the other side.

Great gameplay, suitable for all ages.

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins2p coins - via rapid entry slot
Width (cm)158 cm
Depth (cm)153 cm
Height (cm)184 cm
Machine Type
Players2 Players
Price of Play2p
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Tags: 2p, Quick-Coin