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Drift 'N Thrift

Brand New Drift 'N Thrift

Test your driving skills with Drift 'N Thrift. Single player ticket redemption video game that is simple to play and appeals to all age groups, with an average game lasting around 60 seconds.


Take a car for a spin to collect gold bars and wads of cash to increase your score. Score over $1,000,000 to win the big bonus! Each time you crash you'll lose money - and watch out for the boulders that slow you down massively. You're playing against the clock - so if you if see extra time power-ups you've got to grab them! Avoid the police cars and remember to top up your fuel.


Operator adjustable controls. Card system compatible. 43" HD screen..


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins (programmable for other currencies)
Card SystemCompatible
Width (cm)108 cm
Depth (cm)84 cm
Height (cm)257 cm
Weight (kg)146 Kg
Machine Type
ModelUpright Video Game
Price of PlayFlexible
Win Every Time / Play Until WinYes

Tags: Redemption, Winner Every Time, Video Game, Skill, Driving