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Carnival Cups Crane

Brand New Carnival Cups Crane

The Carnival Cups Crane combines the anticipation and thrill of grabbing and winning toy prizes with the excitement of a skill-based video game.


A large video display on the rear of the inside of the cabinet displays a selection of cups which are quickly mixed up by the Jester. Track them with your eyes to find the item you wish to win.- whether tickets or bonus claw grabs and use the controls to select your desired cup.


Carnival Cups Crane can be operated in two modes: Redemption - awarding players bonus tickets for playing the game, or Bonus Grab mode - giving players additional chances to win a toy prize.


RGB LED colour changing cabinet light system. Card system compatible. Adjustable game settings. Flexible price of play.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins
Card SystemCard system compatible
Width (cm)92 cm
Depth (cm)92 cm
Height (cm)254 cm
Weight (kg)150 Kg
Machine Type
ColourMulti-Colour changing LED
Display SizeHD Flat screen
LinkableLinkable LED 'Light Show' System
ModelSingle Player
Players1 Player
Price of PlayFlexible
RedemptionOptional - ticket payout or bonus grabs
Win Every Time / Play Until WinOptional Mercy Ticket

Tags: Ticket, Crane, Redemption