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Maxi-3 Plus Changer

Maxi-3 Plus Changer

UDC in collaboration with the world leading American Changer Corporation bring you a stunning range of change machines designed to meet the needs of Family Entertainment Centres (FECs).

Industry wide experience shows games located near change machines show increased revenue, so you can never have too many change machines in your locations.

The Maxi-3 Plus changer includes a note acceptor for £5 and £10 notes (programmable for others) to remove the need for customers to visit the change desk to change notes.

Featuring 3 hoppers to provide redundancy against a coin jamming a single hopper and putting the machine out of operation. They also provide rapid delivery of coins to your customers reducing wait times, using all hoppers dispensing during normal operation.

The 'Universal Hoppers' offer superior reliability and are suitable for 2p coins, 10p coins, tokens as well as a wide range of other coins for different currencies.

Maxi-3 changer features a large top window so that operators can see how many coins remain in the chute reservoir, a design that provides an unprecedented capacity for its size.

A quick-access top door makes top-up's a quick and easy procedure.

Features include: secure metal cabinet with anti-drill locks, integrated tilt alarm, electronic accounting, additional storage space inside lower door, large attractive graphics including on the rear of the cabinet.

Model shown with 2p decals, 10p, Token and other graphics available as an option.

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 coins (coming soon 1p and 5p coins acceptance for 2p software)
Note Acceptor£5, £10 notes (£20 note accepted but turned off by default)
Changer Specification
Coin Capacity50,000
Width (cm)74 cm
Depth (cm)40 cm
Height (cm)158 cm
Weight (kg)105 Kg
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