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Amusements Reopen 17th May 2021

Posted by Team UDC 20/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

Amusements Industry Celebrates a Joyous Reopening


After many months of lockdown and restrictions due to Covid-19, British retail reopened this week on 17th May, along with the amusement industry that has been mothballed for far too long. Well, no more. Finally amusement locations including family entertainment centres, amusement arcades, adult gaming centres, bowling alleys and other entertainment location businesses such as cinemas and theatres were able to open their doors this week and welcome back customers. UDC join the rest of industry in wishing everyone the very best of luck!




It's been a long hard slog to get ready, with workers up and down the country making machines ready, servicing equipment, putting safety measures in place and training to ensure that this reopening is safe for both staff and customers.


Now that the time is here and we've had a chance to celebrate getting back to business we're focused on bringing you a great selection of games and equipment to make your 2021 better than ever before. UDC has a range of machines at sensible prices, that allow you to earn back your investment quickly without breaking the bank. Games that will delight your customers - young and old, and equipment like our Maxi Change machines that now include Nayax compatibility for contactless transactions, the new improved Ticket Station v2 allowing you to use half-tickets with barcodes in addition to your usual tickets, your own logo printed on receipts and video presentations.


See the links below for cranes, redemption games and kiddie rides that UDC recommends for this summer. Quantities are limited - so take advantage now to avoid disappointment.


With overseas travel fraught with uncertainy and possible disruption holiday makers are expected to return to the british seaside in record numbers, so after all the doom and gloom we look forwards to a bigger, brighter and better 2021 season than ever before.