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New for 2024 Tornado

Kick up a storm with the Tornado closed-loop pusher redemption game. Tornado is a fast action game, manufactured by Playmore and brought to you by UDC Tornado, from the same stable as hit game Pearl Fishery and promises to be just as popular. 


Players let loose coins from the top of the playfield and aim for chutes to spin them around the cyclone funnel into moving targets below to win ticket prizes, additional coins and red balls to be added to the pusher deck. Here is where players can activate the ‘Party Time’ for double scores for a limited period.


When the red balls are let loose on to the pusher and fall over the edge, they are shot up to the top of the cabinet to trigger special features to careen back downwards through a system of wheels and ramps for the player to win even bigger prizes. If the ball navigates through the first two upper wheels to the Eye of the Typhoon where the ball is spun around and around before dropping through a winning hole to award a Storm bonus, the Jackpot or triggering the addition of a coin tower for the player to knock over.

These huge towers of coins are Tornado’s forté, utilising a cache of ready-made towers of coins waiting in the wings. This means they’re ready to go moved into position at a moment’s notice without holding up the gameplay. Once knocked over the edge in exciting cascade of coins players win tickets for each coin - resulting big win. At any one time multiple towers are ready and more than one can be pushed into position onto the deck for players to win providing motivation for players to continue the game rather than leave them for the next passer-by.


Card system compatible, with flexible price of play. Tornado will whip your players up into a frenzy.


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemYes. Compatible with leading systems
Width (cm)158 cm
Depth (cm)110 cm
Height (cm)281 cm with header
Weight (kg)557 Kg
Machine Type
Model2 Player (Twin)
Players2 Player Positions
Price of PlayFlexible
Win Every Time / Play Until WinOptional setting

Tags: Redemption, Pusher, 2 Player