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Silver Falls 3 Player

Brand New Silver Falls 3 Player

Pile 'em high and then let 'em loose! Your aim is to fill the holes on the hex-grid to score points, win jackpots and score tickets to turn into prizes!


Time the release of the silver balls to fall through the moving hoops. The hoops score points and add balls to the bucket below. Shoot a ball through the special 'Release The Balls' hoop to trigger an avalanche of silver balls as the bucket tips over releasing the balls to fall into the holes below.


With multiple bonuses and prizes on offer players can earn points for landing a ball in a hole, lighting up the special 'Star' positions on the hex-grid - do this 10 times to win the 'Star Bonus' a big pot of tickets separate to the main jackpot. 


There are two methods to win the big Jackpot - light up all the lit-up holes on the hex-grid 4 times - each time brings you 1 step closer to winning. The second is to fill all the holes in one go which delivers an Instant Jackpot Win! 


The game features a vibrant design with colourful LED lighting, 3 comfortable seats integrated into the cabinet with colourful chevron design. The game instructions are displayed in pictorial form on the large cabinet header. 


Featuring flexible price of play via the multi-coin mechanism the game also features a multitude of operator adjustable settings to adjust how many points score how many tickets.


Silver Falls delivers a welcome splash of excitement for amusement players and has excellent earning potential for operators.




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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemCompatible
Note AcceptorNot fitted as standard
Width (cm)198 cm
Depth (cm)107 cm
Height (cm)236 cm (header is removable if height an issue)
Weight (kg)320 Kg
Machine Type
ColourBlack cabinet with LED lighting
Linkable3 player positions linked to single Jackpot. Not linkable to another cabinet.
ModelSit-down Cabinet with integrated seating
Players3 Player Cabinet
Price of PlayFlexible
  • Product Code: 3 Player
  • Brand New

Tags: Redemption, 3 Player, Ball Drop, Sit-Down