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Air Zone Deluxe

New for 2024 Air Zone Deluxe

Air Hockey meets arcade video action in this exciting crossover ‘mashup’ Interactive video game.  Whack the air hockey pucks towards the display and they continue their path digitally on the screen to collide with objects inside the electronic world! Providing players with a seamless bridge between the physical and virtual.

With Equipped with 2 hockey mallets - players can use left or right - or even both at once.


Game Modes include:

  • Range Land Training
  • Cube Game
  • Bounce Back
  • Bottle Party

Start with a single pucks dispensed from either side of the game for you to aim at the targets on the screen. Choose your strategy for maximum points and concentrate as the pace increases and so does the number of pucks in play - culminating in furious action with dozens of pucks in play at once - it’s a puck bashing spectacular!


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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 Coins. Programmable for other currencies
Card SystemCompatible
Note AcceptorN/A
Width (cm)145 cm
Depth (cm)170 cm
Height (cm)250 cm
Weight (kg)300 Kg
Machine Type
Display Size50" inch Widescreen HD
LinkableNo. Standalone
PlayersSingle Player
RedemptionYes (Optional)
Win Every Time / Play Until WinMercy Ticket Option

Tags: Redemption, Videogame, Air Hockey,