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Prize Station

Prize Station

Turning tickets into prizes is a big part of running a redemption operation. Thankfully, we've got you covered.

The Prize Station prize centre reads the receipts from the Benchmark Ticket Station machine and allows customers to quickly and easily choose prizes up to the value they've won.

The Prize Centre holds 1,400 prizes and showcases bigger prizes in their own special compartments behind a lock door - opened when players redeem enough tickets. This new design allows operators to quickly and easily refill the spindles inside the cabinet from the rear.

Use the Prize Centre alongside, or instead of, a traditional staffed prize counter. The versatile Prize Centre can vend both low and high value items without any intervention required.

Width (cm)218 cm
Depth (cm)92 cm
Height (cm)218 cm
Weight (kg)340 Kg (unloaded)
  • £ Call for price

Tags: Ticket Handling