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UDC Back from Lockdown

Posted by Team UDC 01/07/2020 0 Comment(s)

UDC Back from Lockdown


UDC returned to work and re-opened on 1st July 2020 after months of Government mandated lockdown. We're very happy to be back and are here ready and willing to assist our customers with everything that they need in order to make what remains of the year to as successful as possible.


Our spare parts, technical support and redemption tickets departments are already working around the clock to meet demand.



UDC has the games that you need to make a real go of it for summer 2020 - including many smash hits such as Fast Gunman, Duckling Fight, Bowling Champ, Poke 'n Drop, Candy Bot, Aurora Air Hockey, Wild West Shootout, Toy Box Crane, Carnival Cups, Monster Island, T-Rex Park, Cool Drops, and many more.


Call our sales team on 020 8965 7071 or email today!