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Kids Love Candy Vending

Posted by Team UDC 10/06/2021 0 Comment(s)

Kids Love Candy Vending


Half-Term Heroes 2021


What's better than the chance to win a prize? The gaurantee of a prize every time. What could be even better? The chance to win at least one prize and even score multiple prizes!


Both UDC's 'Candy Bot' and 'Lollipops Win Every Time' make sure that no one leaves empty handed. It's as easy as inserting coins and pressing the button to win anywhere from 1 to 10 sweets. The machines can be set up for wrapped lollipops such as Chupa Chups - a favourite with kids - or wrapped candies such as mini rolls of Mentos.



Candy Bot



Thw Candy Bot vending machine has a tiny footprint and can fit anywhere! With a high tech robotic theme and large rear signage to attract customers to insert coins to win a prize.



The low height of the cabinet is designed to appeal especially to younger customers. The large dome window attacts players and allows operators to quickly and easily check stock levels to see if the machine needs refilling.



Lollipops Win Every Time



Another compact footprint vending machine with bonus game function. Brightly coloured with LED lighting the cabinet catches the eye. Will you win one lollipop or more? Have a go to find out! Charming, simple game for all ages, where no one goes home disappointed.





Both machines include operator controls to adjust the number of bonus candies awarded over time. With flexible price of play to account for your prize costs and multi-coin mechanisms as standard. They even work with swipe card systems.


With customers flocking to the seaside and amusements around the counNow is a great time to arrange for some new equipment for 2021. Call UDC sales on 020 8965 7071 or email us at