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Half-Term Heroes

Posted by Matt Bland 03/06/2021 0 Comment(s)

UDC's Half-Term Heroes


Half-Term Heroes 2021


Here's a bunch of UDC's 'Half-Term Heroes' - games in stock - ready to earn from moment they arrive. Check out the videos below and click the links for more details. 



Bowling Champ - Standard & Compact



The Bowling Champ video bowling game uses real bowling balls that players bowl down the alley and under the screen as they then continue virtually towards the pins and knock them over to score points. In redemption mode players win tickets, or can be set to 'just for fun' mode. Two player positions, play individually against the CPU or head-to-head.



Two models available in a standard long cabinet, which includes a camera feature for the high-score table, and the compact slightly smaller model with a shorter lane length and sligthly shorter height.



Fast Gunman Skill Based Redemption Shooting



Single player skill based shooting game. Shoot the bottles with the lit up LED light to score points. With moving bottles and moving lights to keep players on their toes as the levels progress. Use the time and the limited bullets wisely to advance to the next stage. Play for tickets or just for fun.





Poke 'n Drop 6 Position Prize Game



Six position skill with prizes (SWP) game, perfect for giant candy and sweets. UDC can even supply a range of giant dummy prize boxes and prizes (subject to availability). It's a huge rotating prize carousel that is irresistible to children and adults alike.







With the summer just around the corner now is a great time to arrange for some new equipment for 2021. Call UDC sales on 020 8965 7071 or email us at