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Wild West Shootout - This Weeks Featured Game

Posted by Team UDC 15/03/2021 0 Comment(s)


2021 Re-opening - 9 Week's To Go - Featuring Wild West Shootout


We're counting down the weeks to the re-opening of the amusement industry here in England, with Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic likely to be on a very similar time scale. The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone hard, but a fun packed spring and summer lies ahead for us, with the public generally said to be keen to return to the seaside for traditional 'staycations' rather than risking overseas holidays this year. Everyone has their fingers crossed, hoping that there will be no bumps in the road to recovery. So, all in all, with just the slightest bit of luck we should be in for a bumper season ahead. 


This week's featured game is the superb Wild West Shootout cowboy shooting video game with (optional) redemption ticket payout.



Wild West can be played as a one or two player game and is suitable for virtually all ages, just point the gun and pull the trigger. The cartoon graphics are kiddie friendly and won't scare off the faint of heart - even on the spooky graveyard level with bats spiders, so no nightmares for little ones. It's all great fun and grown ups and kids alike come back time and time again for another blast. 


In addition to being great on ticket payout (known as 'redemption' in the business) the game can be operated without prizes in 'just for fun' mode. Even better - for operators without tickets you can set up 'Challenge Mode' where it's winner stays on in a two player game - the victor is awarded a free game. With friends reticent to leave them to have all the fun on their own this often results in yet another buy-in from the losing player, a great way to incentivise repeat play. For more details visit the product page here