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Keeping Up with the Changes over Summer

Posted by Team UDC 18/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

The latest update for newsletter subscribers is about to go out, reminding everyone about the vital importance of change machines during busy periods.


To reduce the burden on your cash desk and to make it quicker and easier for customers to obtain the 2p coins that they crave in order to play your pusher games and other 2p quick-coin games. You can't have too many change machines in your centres. 


Our range of Change Machines are built and designed in the USA by world leading American Changer company. They feature two, three or even four hoppers to dispense coins at unpresidented speeds and hold an enormous number of coins, an unheard of capacity for their footprint.


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The machines will dispense coins from all hoppers at once to speed up the delivery of coins. In the event of a jam due to a bent coin, or other obstruction, the remaining hoppers continue to function delivery fault tollerance through redudnacy in the design. The large window on top allows you and your staff to quickly guage how full the machine is and the quick open top allow you to pour more coins in without opening the front of the cabinet. Additional coins can be stored in bags inside the bottom door for quick access when needed, so you don't need to carry heavy bags of coins across the floor during peak periods.


The MAXI-3 Plus even comes equipped with a note reader to accept £5 and £10 notes for when someone wants LOTS of coins!


MAXI-mise your income with one of these great change machines this summer, available from stock right now.