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Monster Drop X-Treme

Monster Drop X-Treme

The Monster Drop X-Treme also known as 'MDX' is a huge sight to behold at over 4 metres in height.

Featuring even bigger prizes for larger payouts and higher earning potential along with a huge cash box!

The standard model game is a proven hit and has been a runaway success, the X-Treme takes the game to the next level.

Players press the button to release the bouncing balls to fall down onto the spinning prize wheel below to win tickets. There's a winner every time.

Fitted with Benchmark Games industry leading 'Intelli-Ticket Triple' dispensers 3 streams of tickets can be dispensed at once.

Fitted with multi-coin mechanisms as standard by UDC. Swipe card compatible. 

Cash Handling
Card SystemCompatible with all major card systems
Width (cm)282 cm
Depth (cm)137 cm
Height (cm)412 cm (top flash adjustable height)
Weight (kg)782 Kg
Machine Type
Players2 Players

Tags: Winner Every Time, Ball Drop, Redemption