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Carnival Cups New for 2020

Carnival Cups

Skill based ticket redemption game for 1 or 2 players, suitable for all ages. Play on your own or ag..


Clutch Shoot New for 2020

Clutch Shoot

Basket ball themed skill game with redemption tickets. Players time the drop of the mini-basket..


Fast Gunman Brand New

Fast Gunman

Single player light-gun shooting game. Aim at the lit-up bottles and shoot them down. Use the red-la..


Sense Ball Sold Out

Sense Ball

Concentrate! This is a tough game which requires plenty of skill to win a prize capsule.Select the l..


Space Warp 66 New for 2020

Space Warp 66

Warp your way to the finish using the spinner to navigate as you fly through the space tunnel, avoid..


Toy Time Machine Brand New

Toy Time Machine

Use all of your skill to time the button press as the cutting arm moves towards the string. Let go t..


Capsules House Special

Capsules House

Attractive and fun instant win prize capsule game suitable for all ages. Uses 100mm prize capsu..


Tesla Tower

Stop the moving lights at the right moment to progress up the tower and win more redemption tickets...


Treasure Tree

Fun kids game. shake the treasure tree by tapping the left and right buttons one after another as qu..


Heat Wave Sold Out

Heat Wave

Win instant prizes with Heat Wave. Press the button to release bouncing balls onto the spinning play..