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Flip-2-Win Ticket Out Pusher

Game Archive Flip-2-Win Ticket Out Pusher

Flip-2-Win is a 2-Player Coin pusher game that pays out redemption tickets. 

In addition to traditional game play where players are awarded tickets/coins for each coin pushed over the edge Flip-2-Win has additional bonus features.

Each player has 3 coin-slots and 3 corresponding dice at the top of the play-field. When a coin is dropped into the slot the corresponding dice spin and stop on a symbol. If a player matches all three dice to one of six winning patterns then they are awarded bonus tickets/coins.

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p coins, can change setup for other suitable currencies
Width (cm)142 cm
Depth (cm)105 cm
Height (cm)205 cm
Weight (kg)250 Kg
Machine Type
ModelCoin In / Ticket Out
Players2 Player
Price of Play10p coins
  • Product Code: 2 Player, 10p play
  • Game Archive

Tags: Ticket-Out, Coin-In, Quick-Coin, Pusher, 2p, 10p