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Cops And Robbers 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

Cops And Robbers 2p Roll-Down 2 Player

Quick-Coin ticket redemption game with exciting bonus features. Activate the dice to move around the trial game board and get away clean with masses of tickets!

Players roll 2p coins down across the moving belt, avoid the obstacles to reach the far side to win tickets. Roll a coin through a winning slot to get more tickets or activate the dice.

Quick entry slot for playing lots of 2p coins in rapid succession allows players to 'go for it' when there's a gap. Complete with huge cash box for all of those 2p's!

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins2p coins via Rapid Entry Slot
Width (cm)158 cm
Depth (cm)153 cm
Height (cm)184 cm
Machine Type
Players2 Players
Price of Play2p
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Tags: 2p, Quick-Coin, Rapid Entry