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Big One X-Treme Crane

Big One X-Treme Crane

This gigantic crane, towers above players at over 12 feet tall. Suitable for large and extra-large plush prize sizes.

Featuring easy to use large button controls. The Patent pending 'Claw Vision' camera shows players the exact spot where the claw is hanging over on the large video screen - adding to the excitement and keeping players engaged.

Featuring multi-colour and Ultraviolet LED lights along with high-tech operator control settings.

A safe and secure prize chute system prevents children from crawling inside.

Complete with multi-coin mechanism, or use with swipe/tap card system. It's an X-Treme Hit! 

Cash Handling
Card SystemCompatible with all major card systems
Width (cm)309 cm
Depth (cm)252 cm
Height (cm)368 cm
Weight (kg)680 Kg
Machine Type
Players1, Single Player
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