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Brand new Crane and Toy Grabber games

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The Smurf's Crane New for 2024

The Smurf's Crane

Officially licensed single player Smurf crane game from Elaut. Featuring large 32" digital video dis..

Ticket Trail Brand New

Ticket Trail

Players use the claw to grab tubes to win redemption tickets. Each tube contains an RFID chi..

Unlock The Prize Brand New

Unlock The Prize

Capsule crane with giant toy combo game. Players use the crane to grab a capsule and win a p..

Toy Box Crane

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Toy Stack Crane

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Prize Every Time Crane Brand New

Prize Every Time Crane

The Prize Every Time Crane is a 2-in-1 crane with a section and claw each for major prize in..

Big One X-Treme II Crane

This updated and upgraded version of the gigantic Big One X-Treme crane is towers above player..

Cosmic XL Crane

Elaut Cosmic XL crane is a BIG CRANE with a SMALL FOOTPRINT. The super tall (3m) cabinet has a..

E-Claw 600 1 Player Crane

Single Player crane with small footprint, only 60cm wide. Featuring world leading  mechan..

Dig A Winner Brand New

Dig A Winner

Construction themed 4 player crane game with attractive yellow design, bright lights and lar..

King Claw

Single player prize crane with attractive glowing front lights and side rails with random light patt..

Candy Crane

Ultra small footprint crane, excellent value for money. Perfect for sweets,candy and small prizes ..

Tickety Boo! Crane

Our very own ticket bundle crane is a world beater. Perfect for any ticket redemption operat..

Toy Carnival Crane

Designed for young children with it's bright colours and attractive design. Featuring large ..

Toy City Crane

The Toy City Crane is the 'big brother' to the Toy Town Crane.Designed for young children wi..