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Citrus Crusher

Citrus Crusher

Citrus fruit themed children's arcade whacking game. Hit the fruits with the mallet as they pop-up and watch the juice beakers for each fruit increase.


There's 3 fruits to crush - Orange Lemon and Lime. Fill the juice beakers to score more points and win more tickets!


With a tiny footprint, this compact single player game will fit anywhere. You can operate with ticket redemption, or just for fun. A refreshing game that really hits the spot.

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Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1 & £2 coins. Programmable for other currencies
Note AcceptorNot included
Width (cm)75 cm
Depth (cm)95 cm
Height (cm)170 cm
Weight (kg)185 Kg
Machine Type
Players1 Player
Price of PlayFlexible
Win Every Time / Play Until WinMercy Ticket Option
  • Product Code: 1 Player
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Tags: Redemption, Whacking, 1 Player