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Beat The Monsters

Sold Out Beat The Monsters

A large colourful bouncing ball drops onto and rolls down the ramps past the 'Monster Bumpers'.

If a monster knocks a ball off of the ramp the player receive it and the game is over. If the ball safely reaches the bottom of the ramp then the play wins it and is awarded another go for free!

This is no ordinary ball vending machine, you can win up to 5 balls per game - so there's a winner every time, which makes this 'game' a vending machine. Holding nearly 1,000 balls, equipped with multi-coin mechanism as standard by UDC. Adjustable price of play.

Beat The Monsters can be operated with bouncing balls or gum balls if desired.

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2 reprogrammable for other currencies
Width (cm)65 cm
Depth (cm)46 cm
Height (cm)180 cm
Weight (kg)52 Kg
  • £ Call for price

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