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Ferris Wheeler

Ferris Wheeler

Ferris Wheeler is a unique quick-coin game with wide appeal. Players insert coins that drop down the chute towards the spinning Ferris Wheel.

The wheel has 8 numbered buckets. Drop a coin into a buck to win tickets.

Get coins into all 8 buckets to start the bonus mode, dropping all the coins from the wheel on to the ramp below.

Coins knocked off of the ramp into the hopper below during the bonus mode score double ticket payout.

Cash Handling
Accepts Coins10p
Card SystemNo, coins/tokens only
Width (cm)92 cm
Depth (cm)82 cm
Height (cm)173 cm
Weight (kg)200 Kg
Machine Type
PlayersSingle Player
Price of Play10p
  • Brand: Misc.
  • Product Code: Singe Player
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  • £2,995

Tags: Refurbished, Quick-Coin