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Circlerama is a 4 player, Quick-Coin ticket redemption game.

Players time the drop of their coins to roll down and knock over targets along the edge of the spinning playfield wheel. Whichever targets are knocked over awards tickets to the player. Up to 4 players can play at once.

A bonus pot is built up and can be won by any player. A game of skill, timing and accuracy.

Mercy ticket option. Reinforced steel cabinet, terrific build quality.

Cash Handling
Card SystemNo
Width (cm)130 cm
Depth (cm)130 cm
Height (cm)228 cm
Weight (kg)230 Kg
Machine Type
Players4 Players
Price of Play10p (or token)
Win Every Time / Play Until WinMercy ticket option
  • Brand: Misc.
  • Product Code: 4 Player
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  • £1,995

Tags: Refurbished, Quick-Coin