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Benchmark Games

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Prize Station

Turning tickets into prizes is a big part of running a redemption operation. Thankfully, we've got y..

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Slam-A-Winner Superseded


This game is now discontinued and has been replaced with the newer model: Monster Drop, see link bel..

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Slam-A-Winner X-Treme Superseded

Slam-A-Winner X-Treme

This game is now discontinued and has been replaced with the newer models: Monster Drop X-Treme and ..

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Can you handle Spindrome?Pull the big handle to spin the massive wheel to win redemption tickets - t..

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Tesla Tower

Stop the moving lights at the right moment to progress up the tower and win more redemption tickets...

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Ticket Station (Green/White)

The Benchmark Ticket Station has been available in several colour schemes. This white cabinet with g..

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Ticket Station (Mauve)

The mauve, often called purple, Ticket Station is the original colour scheme of the Ticket Station b..

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Ticket Station Doors

The standard model Benchmark Ticket Station is equipped with a single ticket reader ('door') as stan..

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Treasure Tree

Fun kids game. shake the treasure tree by tapping the left and right buttons one after another as qu..

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Wheel Deal

Great combination of three quick-coin ticket redemption games in one unit. Featuring: 'Win Every Tim..


Dragon's Claw Jumbo Crane

Introducing Dragon's Claw, the giant crane featuring a fierce Dragon sat upon an eleven foot tall to..

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Beat The Monsters Sold Out

Beat The Monsters

A large colourful bouncing ball drops onto and rolls down the ramps past the 'Monster Bumpers'.If a ..

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Heat Wave Sold Out

Heat Wave

Win instant prizes with Heat Wave. Press the button to release bouncing balls onto the spinning play..

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